About Us

Edwards Audio Research has always been about the music!

paul-edwards2I am Paul Edwards founder of Edwards Audio Research. I have a master’s degree in music composition, studied electronics during the end of the vacuum tube era and built a number of electronic projects all related to audio. My passion for music and audio continued through the years performing as a musician and working as a broadcaster at a variety of radio stations including Radio Free Europe.

One day after purchasing a very low output ribbon microphone (Altec 639a), I saw the need for a quiet, high gain, mic preamp. Lots of friends offered help along the way, including some well known audio engineers. ¬†Eventually, I was very fortunate to team up with my good friend, Bill Bruins, who did the major part of the design work, and together we came up with a great Microphone Preamp the Edwards LE10. Our microphone preamp has received several very positive reviews by well respected music industry publications and by loyal customers using our Preamps every day. Why? Because it’s all about the Music and the Edwards LE-10 delivers!

My wife, June, and I reside in Southern California, a place where music thrives!

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