LE-10 Microphone Preamp Reviews

LE-10 Microphone Preamp Reviews by Music Industry Publications


Review by TAPE OP Magazine

By Adam Kagan

Tape Op Magazine Review LE10 PreampPaul Edwards of Edwards Audio Research came to be a manufacturer the honest way. That is, he needed a good mic preamp for his vintage Altec 639A dynamic/ribbon mic, so he set about to build one with some help from several highly qualified audio engineers. He asked Bill Bruins to design the LE-10 preamp, and David Tosh was later asked to design the LE-10 circuit board. The LE-10 circuit employs Jensen transformers alongside EF86 and 12AX7 tubes — a time-tested recipe which can be found in various arrangements in many great preamps, including the venerable TeLefunken V72 and Abbey Road REDD.47. Read Complete Review


Review by Pro Audio Review Magazine

By Russ Long

Read The ProAudio Review October 2013The Edwards Preamp LE-10 received a great review from Russ Long in the October 2013 edition of Pro Audio Review!

Relatively unknown, this hand built world class tube amp is very flexible, delivering the goods with a wide variety of sound sources and microphones. I know as well as the next guy there is no substitute for the smooth, warm sound of killer tube microphone preamplifier.

During the 2 months I evaluated the Edwards Preamp, I was able to use it on a diverse selection of sound sources with a wide variety of microphones. I was always pleased with the results. Read Complete Review


Review by Recording Magazine

By Paul Vnuk Jr.

“A new name in audio design delivers a remarkable debut product.”

Recording Magazine review Edwards LE-10 PreampThe LE-10 Microphone Preamp is a new 2- channel vacuum tube mic pre from Edwards Audio Research, a brand new company.

The LE-10 comes in both single- and dual-channel configurations; it was designed by Bill Bruins and Paul Edwards and is hand-built by Paul Edwards in Norwalk, CA.

This is not a preamp made to push, highlight or hide any frequency. It has an 80 dB signal-to-noise ratio and only 0.05% harmonic distortion. From that alone you can tell this is designed to be a clean and opulent preamp rather than a fuzzy, vintage tube emulation. This is about as boutique as it gets! Read Complete Review

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