LE-10 Microphone Preamp Reviews

LE-10 Microphone Preamp Reviews by Music Industry Publications

Review by Pro Audio Review Magazine

By Russ Long

Read The ProAudio-Review-October-2013The Edwards Preamp LE-10 received a great review from Russ Long in the October 2013 edition of Pro Audio Review!

Relatively unknown, this hand built world class tube amp is very flexible, delivering the goods with a wide variety of sound sources and microphones. I know as well as the next guy there is no substitute for the smooth, warm sound of killer tube microphone preamplifier.

During the 2 months I evaluated the Edwards Preamp, I was able to use it on a diverse selection of sound sources with a wide variety of microphones. I was always pleased with the results. Read Complete Review


Review by Recording Magazine

By Paul Vnuk Jr.

“A new name in audio design delivers a remarkable debut product.”

Review by Recording MagazineThe LE-10 Microphone Preamp is a new 2- channel vacuum tube mic pre from Edwards Audio Research, a brand new company.

The LE-10 comes in both single- and dual-channel configurations; it was designed by Bill Bruins and Paul Edwards and is hand-built by Paul Edwards in Norwalk, CA.

This is not a preamp made to push, highlight or hide any frequency. It has an 80 dB signal-to-noise ratio and only 0.05% harmonic distortion. From that alone you can tell this is designed to be a clean and opulent preamp rather than a fuzzy, vintage tube emulation. This is about as boutique as it gets! Read Complete Review

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