Avlex R102 Ribbon Microphone

Avlex R102 Ribbon Microphone
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Avlex R102 a Dynamic Response Ribbon Microphone for the Professional Studio

The R102 is an active aluminum ribbon microphone designed for the recording studio. It features the high sensitivity of a condenser microphone, yet exhibits the smoother frequency response and excellent transient response of a ribbon microphone. The fast dynamic response of a ribbon mic is optimal among all types of microphones.

The R102 active aluminum ribbon microphone consists of two parts: an electro-magnetic transducer and an impedance converting circuit. The electro-magnetic transducer applies a unique magnetic circuit field with a strong Nd magnet.

The aluminum alloy ribbon, with a thickness of only 2.5 microns, is suspended between two poles and vibrates in synchrony with the incoming acoustical energy (sound waves). Due to the extremely low mass of the ribbon, the transducer of this microphone boasts a premium transient response in converting acoustic energy into electronic signals.

Whether at low / high frequencies or low / high sound pressure levels, the R102 delivers a precise reproduction of the original sound.

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