I am enjoying the sounds I am getting from my U87 and MKH416 since I purchased your LE-10 preamp.

Rick Tarrant Voice OverI’ve had the U87 since the mid-80s and it’s never sounded so good. I was about to get rid of the 416 because it seemed muddy and lifeless. But when I paired it with the LE-10 it came to life with clarity and warmth.

After many years you’ve sparked my interest to hear what other mics might sound like paired with my voice and your amp.

All the best,
Rick Tarrant
“The one to call for voice-over / audio production”

He has done what many say is not feasible and cannot be done!

robert-hooksThe Paul Edwards Pre-Amp is a world class pre-amp. It will give you the ability to not worry in terms of tone and clarity. It’s a very TRUE pre-amp. One of the best I’ve ever worked with, especially in terms of its price.

I used a very, very cheap mic and it made it sound like a good $4-5k mic. For anyone who knows mics, to have a pre-amp that will do that kind of job is pretty fascinating.

Robert Hooks
Wings of Silver Studios

Producer and Engineer

“It makes a clean guitar sound cleaner!”

It is the preamp I want to record with from here on out.

Dr. Chris Gillette
Studio Guitarist and Professor of Guitar

“Edwards Preamp right off the bat had something very special sounding going on!”

sam-knaakKnowing that ‘warm’ is such an over-used term in analog gear today, I hesitate to use it… but I think the LE-10 is a true warm pre, very flattering to many instruments or vocals and there is no other way I can describe it.

Sam Knaak
Ear Witness Studios


“This thing blew me away!”

I picked up an LE-10 Stereo from Paul and put it right to work on acoustic guitar. The artist I was working with shared my sentiments, and told me that he never wanted to put his guitar through anything else!

Brandon Bostic
Blue Moon Rising

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